I am emailing now with important updates on Phase 1B of the state’s COVID-19 vaccination distribution plan.

As a reminder, Phase 1B of the state’s Vaccination Plan begins Monday, 1/11/21 and includes those who work in education, specifically “teachers and education workers.” The Association’s position on Phase 1B vaccinations is that all school staff should receive the vaccine and that “education workers” includes all school building employees.

Right now, some local county departments of health are accepting registration for appointments for individuals eligible for vaccinations in Phase 1B. Others will likely come online next week.   The simplest way to get the vaccine is to find a provider – local county health department, hospitals, or other authorized public or private vaccinator – to make an appointment.  Schools or networks that want to establish their own distribution plan can.  Similar to establishing an LSL for testing, a trained health care provider would need to oversee the program and administer the vaccines.

I am attaching a series of resources, listed below, which NYCSA has compiled to help you understand how to get the vaccine as well as more information and how schools as employers can help employees participate in Phase 1B.

Nearly all local departments of health are seeking volunteers to help at vaccination sites. I encourage anyone who is so inclined to volunteer.  It will help facilitate getting all New Yorkers vaccinated and allow us to finally get back to (the new) normal.  Individuals who want to volunteer should contact local departments of health.  Volunteers might be required to get vaccinated before they can assist, which would benefit individuals for their public service.

Finally, remember that anyone over the age of 75 is also eligible in Phase 1B, so be sure to share the vaccination information with them as well.

We will continue to reach out to state and local governments and seek information and resources.  We will provide you with updates as we have them.

During our 1/12/2021 4 pm Tuesday webinar, we will discuss Phase 1B distribution in greater detail.  You can join the webinar using the information below:

  • Join by link: https://nycharters.zoom.us/j/330684941 Use this option to submit questions live via the Q&A function.

  • Meeting ID: 330 684 941

  • Join by phone: +1 9292056099,,330684941# US (New York)

As always, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the above.