A meeting of the SUNY Board of Trustees’ Charter Schools Committee was held on the morning of Tuesday, March 10, 2020. Attendees included Committee members and staff of the SUNY Charter Schools Institute, SUNY Board Trustees, as well as some representatives of the schools undergoing votes by the Committee.

The Committee addressed the following resolutions:

Applications for Charter Renewals

The Committee discussed and unanimously approved the proposed full-term renewals for the following schools:

  • Achievement First Apollo Charter School
  • Achievement First Endeavor Charter School
  • Elmwood Village Charter School Days Park
  • Eugenio Maria de Hostos Charter School
  • Girls Preparatory Charter School of New York
  • Harlem Village Academy East Charter School
  • Henry Johnson Charter School
  • International Leadership Charter High School
  • KIPP Tech Valley Charter School

The Committee discussed and unanimously approved the following resolutions

  • Merge Albany Community Charter School with KIPP Tech Valley Charter School, and rename the Education Corporation “KIPP: Albany Community Public Charter Schools”.
  • Provide additional planning years to Uncommon New York City Charter School #1, instruction to commence in 2022-23.

The Committee discussed and unanimously approved the resubmission of the following early renewals to the Board of Regents:

  • Success Academy Charter School – Bed Stuy 2
  • Success Academy Charter School – Bushwick
  • Success Academy Charter School – Cobble Hill
  • Success Academy Charter School – Far Rockaway
  • Success Academy Charter School – Flatbush
  • Success Academy Charter School – South Jamaica
  • Success Academy Charter School – Williamsburg

The Committee discussed and voted on Heketi Community Charter School’s Application for Charter Renewal

The Committee held a hearing during which they received testimony from the Heketi Community Charter School community. After this hearing, the Committee entered into Executive Session to receive legal counsel under provisions of Section 105 of Article 7 of the New York Public Officers Law. Upon returning from Executive Session, the Committee voted to deny the renewal of Heketi Community Charter School with one abstention by Eric Corngold.

To read more about these resolutions, visit the Board of Trustees’ meeting page.

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