A meeting of the SUNY Board of Trustees’ Charter Schools Committee was held the morning of Wednesday, December 18, 2019. Attendees included Committee members and staff of the SUNY Charter Schools Institute, SUNY Board Trustees, as well as some representatives of the schools undergoing votes by the Committee.  

The Committee addressed the following resolutions: 

Applications for Charter Renewals

The Committee discussed and unanimously approved the proposed renewals for the following schools:

  1. Atmosphere Academy Public Charter School
  2. Bronx Charter School for Better Learning II
  3. Explore Empower Charter School
  4. Explore Exceed Charter School

Before addressing the proposed early renewals of several Success Academy schools, the Committee entered executive session for an extended period to “receive legal advice from counsel.” Following the executive session, the Committee unanimously voted to approve the early renewal of the following Success Academy schools:

  1. Success Academy Charter School – Bed Stuy 2
  2. Success Academy Charter School – Bushwick
  3. Success Academy Charter School – Cobble Hill
  4. Success Academy Charter School – Far Rockaway
  5. Success Academy Charter School – Flatbush
  6. Success Academy Charter School – South Jamaica
  7. Success Academy Charter School – Williamsburg

This early approval will be submitted to the Regents for final approval, the determination of which will be released in the new year.


Other Items 

New Roots Charter School was placed on probationary status as a result of low enrollment and some financial management items.  An update on New Roots Charter School’s status will be released in February 2020. 

The Committee has been made aware of instances of inappropriate conduct between staff and students at both SUNY-authorized charter schools, other charter schools and even at non-charter schools. To help prevent future incidents, a motion was made and unanimously approved to create and implement a required training for schools regarding appropriate interactions between teachers and students. SUNY will release this mandatory training in the new year.  Our team will work closely with SUNY to ensure a smooth implementation and will keep you updated as developments occur. 


We look forward to sharing updates from meetings from SUNY, SED and other legislative and policy items in 2020.