A meeting of the SUNY Board of Trustees’ Charter Schools Committee (the “Committee”) was held today, Wednesday, February 24, 2021. Attendees included Committee members and staff of the SUNY Charter Schools Institute (the “Institute”) as well as some representatives of the schools undergoing votes by the Committee. 

The Committee addressed the following resolutions: 

Application for Charter Renewal

The Committee discussed and unanimously approved the proposed full-term charter renewal applications for the following schools:

Application for Charter Revisions

The Committee discussed and unanimously approved the following charter revisions:

  • The International Charter School of New York into Brooklyn Prospect Charter School

sought a revision to merge the two schools. Brooklyn Prospect

Charter School, which operates three charter schools, will be the successor

education corporation. See the full revision resolution and Summary of Findings for more information.

The Institute, in its report to the Committee, reported on the following revision approved by the Institute under the provisions of the SUNY Board of Trustees’ delegation of duties to the Institute:

  • DREAM Charter School Highbridge (formerly DREAM Charter School Hunts Point) and Brooklyn Ascend Charter School 6 both sought revisions to include a planning year in their charters.

To read more about these resolutions, read public hearing summaries and watch a playback of the meeting, visit the Board of Trustees’ meeting page

We look forward to sharing updates from meetings of the state’s charter school authorizers as they occur. As always, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.