It’s time to #StandUp4EdEquity!

It’s time to #StandUp4EdEquity!

Calling ALL community members! Join the Statewide Tour to rally communities to #StandUp4EdEquity, taking place this April and May. Join us for regional gatherings as we fight for education civil rights in ALL schools for ALL students! Can’t join us in person? Click the Act Now button below to join the cause virtually!

TOUR STOPS:  Bronx  |  Brooklyn  | Rochester |  Buffalo | Syracuse | Albany

Join the movement!

TOUR STOPS:  Bronx  |  Brooklyn  | Rochester |  Buffalo   |  Syracuse |  Albany


It’s time to DEMAND CHANGE! Students across New York State are undereducated, miseducated, and trapped in failing school systems. More often than not, Black, Brown and other students of color or poor students suffer through the worst the education system has to offer. Whether students need a safer environment, better academics to meet their needs or other educational services, the education system has failed to deliver what students and families need. This is a crisis! Every child deserves access to a good education and quality schools. Be an equity warrior. Stand up for education equity.  It’s about opportunity and excellence for ALL students!  Join the fight! 

Quality education is about opportunity and excellence.  Quality education allows students to reach their full potential.  Our 9-Point Platform opens doors for all students so they have the opportunity to excel!

Foster Achievement

Reimagine Education

Fund Regional DEI Working Groups

Support Strong and Effective Pathways to College or Careers

Require Community Engagement

Free Tutoring and Transfer Options for Students in Failing Schools

Create the Education Equity Fund

End the School to Prison Pipeline

Uncap New Charter Schools Opportunities

Read our 9-point platform and sign on by clicking below. Tell legislators you want them to stand up for education equity and civil rights.  It’s about opportunity and excellence!


Want to know how schools in your region are doing? Click here

The Board of Regents has developed guidelines for improving diversity, equity, and inclusion. You can access these guidelines by clicking here

Parent warriors: Are you looking for more ways to advocate for your child’s education? Join the New York State Charter Parents Council by clicking here! Making real change in education must include input from parents if we are truly going to serve the needs of the kids. Please use your voice to help us shape the future of education in our state by joining New York’s parent-led education council. Only with your help will we truly be able to make an impact. 

Bronx, NY

DATE: April 30, 2022
TIME: Event starts at 12pm.
WHERE: Lou Gherig Plaza E. 161st and Grand Concourse Bronx NY 10451 (across the street from the Supreme Court)

More information on public education in the Bronx | Statewide

Brooklyn, NY

DATE: May 1, 2022
TIME: Event starts at 1 pm.
WHERE: Brooklyn Borough Hall 209 Joralemon St Brooklyn NY 11201

More information on public education in Brooklyn | Statewide

Rochester, NY

DATE: May 7, 2022
TIME: Event starts at 1:30 pm
WHERE: Liberty Pole Plaza 230 E. Main Street Rochester NY 14604

More information on public education in Rochester | Statewide

Buffalo, NY

DATE: May 14, 2022
TIME: Event starts at 12 pm
WHERE: Niagara Square, One Niagara Square Buffalo NY 14202 (in front of city hall)

More information on public education in Buffalo | Statewide

Albany, NY – Postponed

DATE: May 17, 2022
TIME: Event starts at 11 am.

WHERE: West Capitol Park 85 S. Swan St Albany NY 12210

Syracuse, NY

DATE: June 25, 2022
TIME: Event starts at 12:30 pm
WHERE: 2610 South Salina Street, Syracuse, NY 13205

More information on public education in Syracuse | Statewide

Are you ready to #StandUp4EdEquity?

Are you ready to #StandUp4EdEquity?