I am thrilled to announce that NYCSA has partnered with NWEA, CREDO and the state’s authorizers to champion an initiative that will ensure that all charter schools in New York have access to rigorous, nationally-normed baseline and end of year assessments.

This initiative, as you probably know, is more critical than ever before for students and schools. It also offers some opportunities for the New York charter sector to continue to play a leadership role nationally in terms of collecting and analyzing data.

During NYCSA’s most recent deep-dive webinar, the association, the state’s authorizers, CREDO’s Make Raymond and Brad Banich, Regional Manager of National Accounts at NWEA discussed the importance and future of this initiative. To learn more about this critical effort, I encourage you to watch the recording of this webinar.

How to Participate: 

If your school is a current NWEA partner, contact your NWEA Account Manager.  If you’re not sure who that is, feel free to email Brad and he will connect you. You can also call the NWEA main phone number at 503-624-1951and ask to speak with your Account Manager.

If schools that do not currently partner with NWEA are interested to learn more, reach out to Brad Banich (503-444-6423 or brad.banich@nwea.org).

While NYCSA is not endorsing any one particular academic assessment group, in order for schools to have the richest comparison data to other schools in the state, and even in specific geographies within the state, using one tool that also has national comparison data is hugely powerful.