On Wed., Feb. 1, Governor Kathy Hochul released her executive budget proposal for fiscal year 2024. Included in the $227 billion spending plan were several items pertaining to public charter schools, most notably:

  • Eliminating the regional cap on the number of charters that may be issued in New York City;
  • Permanently authorizing the reissuance of any charter originally issued to a charter school that subsequently closed after July 1, 2015, due to surrender, revocation, termination or non-renewal; and
  • Increasing New York City charter schools’ per-pupil funding by 4.5 percent, consistent with the current statutory formula.

“We are so pleased that the Governor has recognized the value and importance of a charter school education in her executive budget,” said Yomika Bennett, executive director of the New York Charter Schools Association.

Demand is incredibly high in New York City, with thousands of students on waitlists for charter schools. “Students should not be denied the opportunity for a high-quality education simply because of their zip code,” said Bennett. “Removing the geographic limit on charter schools will allow greater access for families moving forward.”

The ability to reissue inactive charters, often called “zombie charters,” will also open up countless opportunities for children throughout the state.

“As excited as we are to celebrate these wins, now the real work begins to ensure that the proposals, as well as the other items identified by NYCSA as priorities, are carried through to the final state budget passed by the legislature on April 1.”

To learn more about the proposals mentioned above, as well as other items included in the Governor’s executive budget, visit: FY 2024 Executive Budget (ny.gov).