Membership Benefits

The New York Charter Schools Association is the statewide membership and advocacy organization for all charter schools in New York State. Membership in the Association pays off. On average, schools receive more than three times the value of their annual membership payment by joining. This is based only on estimated costs associated with advocacy, technical support and guidance, discounts on event participation, and member purchasing programs.


Our team is comprised of field experts, several of whom have over a decade of experience in the NY charter community. Member schools can reach out to our team for support in identifying consultants, navigating district relations, starting a charter school, and more.


Our team of advocates and lobbyists work year-round to advocate at both the state and federal levels for the interests of all charter schools in New York State.


Promoting the amazing things that you are doing every day is essential to raising awareness of your impact. Members can reach out to our communications team for assistance navigating the local media landscape or to address specific communication challenges.


Access the brainpower of your peers. NYCSA holds a number of events, both statewide and regionally, aimed at convening school leaders. These events provide unique access to experts while also providing a space for sharing information and troubleshooting problems.


Through partnerships and recommendations, NYCSA leverages the purchasing power and size of the charter community to provide member schools with exclusive discounted access to a variety of products and services.