ABOUT: The New York Charter Schools Association is the non-partisan, nonprofit membership organization serving as the unified voice for the over 300 public charter schools in New York State and representing their interest at the state and local levels. 

POSITION: In support of the New York Charter Schools Association, the Director of School Support will be responsible for managing all of the Association’s school support initiatives.

RESPONSIBILITIES: The Director of School Support will lead region-specific and statewide initiatives and processes aimed at designing and implementing supports for charter schools that increase student achievement and school effectiveness, as well as sector-wide collaboration.  Responsibilities generally include but will not be limited to the activities identified below.

Inform Schools: The Director of School Support will be responsible for keeping charter schools informed of changes that affect them, including:

  • Coordinating with state and local authorities to inform schools about statutory and regulatory changes;
  • Attending, in person or virtually, meetings of external stakeholders and others as appropriate;
  • Working in partnership with the Association’s Advocacy team to keep schools updated on proposed legislative changes of interest to the charter community;
  • Managing the Association’s activities aimed at providing technical information from authorizers, voicing charter school questions, and providing technical assistance on specific issues; and
  • Drafting reports and other publications for distribution to schools.

Lead Initiatives Supporting the Charter Community: The Director of School Support will lead the Association’s initiatives aimed at supporting the Charter Community statewide or in specific regions, including:

  • Serving as the point person for the Association’s Critical Friends program, whereby schools come together to troubleshoot a problem that once school faces; and 
  • Identifying and leading future initiatives to provide maximum impact on the charter sector statewide or in specific regions, and initiatives aimed at solving common problems in each region of the state.

Provide Technical Assistance: the Director of School Support will serve as a resource to individual charter schools by:

  • Acting as a reference to charter schools throughout the state seeking technical assistance, recommendations, and answers to questions about operating their schools.
  • Building systems to address issues at scale and across the sector through collaboration and innovation.


  • Charter School experience is required. New York charter school experience is strongly preferred.
  • A Bachelor’s degree is required. A Master’s degree is preferred.
  • Spanish fluency is preferred

To apply, submit your resume and information to: https://forms.gle/5EBYVcCAoWz3yuWn7