A virtual meeting of the New York State Board of Regents was held today, January 11, 2021.  The recording of this meeting will be posted on our Authorizer Update page as soon as it becomes available.

During this month’s meeting, a call to nominate a new Chancellor of the Board was made. This call was followed by Regent Cea nominating Dr. Lester W. Young, Jr. Chancellor-Elect Young accepted the nomination which was unanimously approved by the Board. His term will begin tomorrow January 12th.  The Association released a statement on this nomination, which can be accessed here.

Vice-Chancellor Brown, who represents the 7th Judicial District, announced he will be resigning his post to pursue a new role at the NYS Bar Association. His resignation is not yet official and will be addressed during next month’s meeting when the Board hopes to appoint a new Vice-Chancellor.

The Board appointed Ceylane Meyers-Ruff to Deputy Commissioner for Adult Career and Continuing Education Services and Sharon Cates-Williams as Executive Deputy Commissioner.

The Board also approved the Consent Agenda, found below, and took a few actions, all of which focused on appointing a series of roles within the department

Finally, following the election of Chancellor-Elect Young, the Board convened in Executive Session for the remainder of the day.

There were no charter items covered during this month’s Board of Regents meeting.

Consent Agenda

P-12 Committee

To read the consent agenda items relevant to the P-12 Committee, click here.

Higher Education

To read the consent agenda items relevant to Higher Education, click here.

Professional Practice

To read the consent agenda items relevant to Professional Practice, click here.

We will continue to bring you summaries of meetings of the Board of Regents in the months ahead.